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Commodities are the valuable resources around which our civilization has been built. Whether it would be Metals, providing material for our industrial revolution throughout history, Agriculture that sustained and kept humanity well-fed, or Energy that kept us warm during cold winter nights, nowadays all commodities are an integral part of the financial world.
In order to show you our gratitude for choosing ECNFUTURE, we are prepared to give you another opportunity to earn even more.
  • Metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper and others
  • Agricultural such as Wheat, Cocoa, Coffee, Sugar, and others
  • Energy resources such as Natural Gas, Crude Oil, and others
When trading these types of products, keep in mind that we offer you low commissions as well as tight spreads, enabling as many customers as possible to get into commodity trading.
Different commodities have different trading hours, so please check the table below in order to keep yourself informed. Even though the hours vary depending on the asset, you can always get in touch with a ECNFUTURE representative for further information and strategies.